Water Engineering

New Zealand is lucky to have such abundant water. In a geotechnical context, it essential to consider the ongoing impact of rainfall, nearby watercourses, and the water table on the feasibility and longevity of your land use scenario.


Hydrology and stormwater both naturally fall within the scope of a Geotechnical Engineer’s expertise. This extends to watercourse erosion control, overland flow management, and rainwater collection and storage.


Soil Eng are capable investigators and designers of hydrological systems and their control structures. We can provide the following water engineering services:

  • Water pipe networks
  • Hydrological calculations
  • Calculating surface runoff
  • Designing structures for erosion control
  • Designing structures for water hammer
  • Stormwater design
  • Rain tank design
Water Enigeering

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Nadasha SUA
Nadasha SUA
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Bertus Eksteen
Experieced and professional. A pleasure to work with
Very knowledgeable Geotechnical Engineer. Highly recommended
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Mike Greeff
Profesional and excellent to work with.