Geotechnical Desk Study

A Geotechnical desk study is an important preliminary investigation that is typically conducted as part of the pre-feasibility study for a construction project. This study involves reviewing existing data and information about the site’s geology, hydrology, and soil conditions to assess the feasibility of the proposed project and to identify any potential risks or challenges.

There are several reasons why a Geotechnical desk study is necessary for a pre-feasibility investigation, including:

1. Identifying potential hazards

The desk study can identify potential geological hazards such as landslides, subsidence, or ground instability that may affect the proposed construction. This information can be used to determine whether the site is suitable for development and to plan appropriate mitigation measures.

2. Assessing soil conditions

The study can provide an overview of the soil conditions on the site, including soil type, depth, and composition. This information can be used to evaluate the site’s suitability for different types of foundations, excavation, and earthworks.
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3.Estimating costs

The desk study can provide early estimates of the costs associated with site preparation and construction. This information can help project managers to determine the overall feasibility of the project and to budget accordingly.

4. Compliance with regulations

The study can ensure that the proposed project complies with local regulations and guidelines regarding geological and geotechnical conditions. This can include requirements for environmental impact assessments, geotechnical testing, and other site investigations.

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