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A Message From Our Director

As a company, Soil Eng represents decades of engineering experience and proven expertise in the geotechnical, hydrological and structural aspects of our profession.


Our team has a long and varied history of geotechnical investigation, reporting and design in New Zealand and overseas. 


Throughout the years we have repeatedly seen the dramatic impact that geotechnical reporting can have on project costs and timelines. Clients who have invested in extensive site investigations are often able to realise significant design efficiencies in foundations and structures. Conversely, we have often seen projects hugely over-engineered due to a relative lack of geotechnical information.


Soil Eng has an enormous amount of value to offer any land development project, especially during those crucial first stages.


With 30+ years professional geotechnical engineering and design experience in New Zealand and internationally, Soil Eng can help ensure your private, commercial or industrial projects are a success.


We look forward to speaking with you.

Alwyn Strauss, P.Eng (NAM), MEngNZ, BEng (Civil) Hons (Geotech)

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With Over 30 Years Experience, We Have The Expertise For Any Job